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A Crazy Thing Called Parenting

When you become a parent you start doing crazy things you would’ve never ever thought you would do.

I catch myself doing these things on a daily basis. These are usually really small things. Sometimes they’re things I do just to make my daughter happy and sometimes they’re things for which I set a rule for my little girl, but I don’t really want to follow that rule myself (bad mommy).

Hide and eat

One of the first things that comes to my mind, and I’m sure I’m not alone, is eating candy behind the cupboard door, so my daughter can’t see me eating it. It’s because I set the rule that she can’t have a piece of candy whenever she’d like. She’s now at an age where I can still stimulate her to eat healthy and not just whatever she wants, like this delicious but unhealthy candy. I’m such a bad mommy, I can’t keep my own rules (haha…) So from time to time I catch myself hiding to take a cookie or eat a piece of candy. Happy to say I’ve never been caught!

Cutting up my own spaghetti

The other night we were eating spaghetti for dinner and normally I always roll my spaghetti up in a spoon and eat it like that. For my girl I cut up her spaghetti for her. But she saw me rolling mine, so she wanted to try it too, but it was already cut up, so whatever she tried, it simply didn’t work and she got frustrated and stopped eating. Being the loving parent that I am, I decided to make her happy and I cut up my spaghetti as well. These are the kind of crazy things I’m talking about. When you’re not a parent you can’t imagine doing this, just to make your kid happy. I certainly wouldn’t have believed me only a few years ago.


All rules out the window

There are also rules we made for ourselves before we became parents. So of them are great! But more than a few are so gone right now. Like putting on the TV more often than you initially wanted. It’s just such a good babysitter sometimes. When you need a bit of peace and quiet around the house, the TV is sooo convenient. But actually I’m happy to see she’s learning from TV as well. She picks up a lot of new words, even in other languages. We speak Dutch, but we want her to grow up speaking English as well since we both know how important the English language is. So we allow her to watch English cartoons and every film she watches is in English.

And yes, she’s learning a lot of words in English just from watching television and the best part is that she knows both them in Dutch and English so she’s definitely making a connection between them. So, this way, I don’t feel like such a bad parent.

But that’s not all …

On occasion I find myself doing silly things just because I’m a parent. The crazy thing is I remember thinking acting this way was ridiculous and it doesn’t even seem to be that long ago. But here I am, acting all crazy, like all parents do.

A few examples:

  1. Silly dancing to the little one her music, not caring what anyone thinks – At All!
  2. When I’m alone in my car, but her music is still playing from our last trip together. I caught myself turning up the sound a little bit and singing along… when she’s even not there.
  3. Waiting in the car in front of the house because she’s just fallen asleep.
  4. On occasion making up a white lie. Like no you can’t play on my mobile now, the battery died.
  5. Changing diapers in the middle of a restaurant in her stroller because they don’t have a changing table. (Who doesn’t have a changing table?!)
  6. Buying a toy because YOU think it’s awesome. And play with it. The appropriate amount of course.
  7. But finally, I say things I never thought I’d say to anyone. Things like stop licking the window are phrases I utter on a regular basis.

Being a parent changes so much in your life. More than you initially think or even could have imagined. I’m not just talking about these little funny anecdotes, the list just keeps going on and on. But you feel so much responsibility and love for that little person, so how could you not do these things? When you have kids, you learn what unconditional love means, no one or nothing can prepare you for the love you feel for your own child.

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