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How To Make Sure Your Pet Gets Along With A New Baby

First of all I need to say, I’m a huge dog lover, always have been and now we have a kid even more.

We got our little Chihuahua six year ago, he was a cute little ball of fur hopping around in our living room. We always joked around how we needed to get a kid for our dog to play with, because he loves kids so much.

But For almost 4 years he was our only ‘child’, I say ‘child’ , but for us he really is our CHILD. Probably only people who have a pet will understand this.

Involve your pet

It’s because of this that from the moment I got pregnant, I started searching the internet. Regulars to the blog know how much of a search freak I am. I really needed to know how to make the change of a new baby in the house as easy as possible for him.

First of all we tried to involve him with everything as much as possible. When we brought something new in our home for the baby, we let him sniff it and we told him it was for the little one. After a while he started to make the connection. Until then the only one getting new stuff was him, so he had to learn that not everything was meant to be his anymore.

When we started putting the little baby bed together we let him roll around in it so he could explore this new thing in his home.

When our daughter was born, my husband brought home her first diaper. That way, he could smell it. We did the same with her first clothes, while I was still at the hospital.


Finally the big moment

And then, finally, the moment had come where we brought home his own little baby. I was so excited to see how he would react. Even a little nervous. But everything went so great, he was so interested in her and so concerned about her. Every time she started crying, he was the first one who stood by her crib to see if she was alright. We couldn’t have been prouder of our little boy.

Even know when she’s older, he’s still worried about her. Of course he learned her real cries, just like we did. But when she really hurts herself he still wants to comfort her.

He needed to learn that not all attention was for him anymore, and he adjusted quite well for that but he has a new best friend, who plays with him and loves him very much. They are really two best buddies.

A big plus for our daughter

Also for our daughter, who is still an only child, he’s a very good companion. She learns to share and play together. But now that she’s getting older she sometimes can’t leave him alone. So then it’s up to us to teach her to have patience and let him relax for a while.

Like I said in the beginning, I’m a huge dog fan and I can recommend everyone who has a kid to get a dog too. A puppy is might be less difficult because they are both in that playing stage, but an older one is also nice. Then you only have one active little one in the house and one you turn to for quiet time.

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