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Review Of The K.I.D.

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The K.I.D. will change your life, it will make life better, but also harder. At some point, you will have mixed feelings. But in the end it’s still the greatest thing ever.

It’s not always easy to get one of these, for some people it will take years and for others it happens instantly. But the sometimes long waiting times won’t matter once you get it though, because it will be the happiest time of your life.

The Big Moment

Starting with the delivery, it’s a different experience from anything you’ve ever done before. I’ve done my fair share of unboxings and have never experienced this. But right from the start, the K.I.D. is like this little ball of cuteness and you will instantly feel this huge amount of love for this little cutie. From this moment on, you will truly understand the meaning of unconditional love. And that’s all included with the package.

Unlike a lot of other things in life, you’re probably going to need help unboxing. Don’t worry though, your local professionals are more than equipped to handle it. You will most probably have to relocate though. When you first bring the K.I.D. home and you’ve never had one before, you will feel probably a bit clumsy. Yes, this does have a learning curve but it is the most awesome, exciting, exhausting and frustrating time of your life. Don’t forget you can find tutorials and how-tos online with ease. There’s no manual included here, so outside help can really boost the quality of your experience.

Negative aspects of the K.I.D.

Word of warning: These models do not come with a mute button. I believe that’s not a feature that’s in development right now, so I wouldn’t hold your breath for a later model. This means, you will be pretty tired taking care of them because they love keeping you up at night. This is not only the first weeks/months as opposed to popular belief, but even later on they will have nights they still wake you up. You will never have a deep sleep again. That’s a guaranty that comes with the package. This all has to do with the energy capacity, requiring you to fill up regularly. This improves over time as they get a higher capacity energy storage, but that unfortunately also means that they’ll have more to spare during the day.

So, that means that from time to time they will test how far your patience goes. It’s a weird thing, since they can make you crazy and let your heart melt with their cuteness at the same time. I don’t remember this being advertised when I got one. You see, the K.I.D. is designed to not always follow your instructions. And the cuteness just makes it worse. You know you need to discipline them and punish them when they’re doing something wrong, but so many times, you won’t be able to hold your laugh. I guess that’s actually a positive, but still.

Every single one of them comes with awesome functionality like making you laugh, cry and make you wonder from time to time: Why did I take this into my house, why did I want this so much? But when you see that cute little face, you remember why and it’s all good again.

Positive aspects of the K.I.D.

I have a 2014 model and I think it’s just the cutest. They’re awesome to hang out with and they actually allow you to reconnect with your inner K.I.D. It’s great to see them enjoy your company and do stuff together.

One of the features is the understanding mode. You will finally understand some of the things your parents did or said when you were little.

All in all, your life simply has more meaning with them in it. You have something to work for, to pass on to. They’re an extra motivation, they really do something with your life. They change your whole perception of life.

Test of your life

Even though the K.I.D. will require some additional programming from your end after purchase, you’ll love it. You will be tested on so many levels and the crazy thing is you can only see the end result after 18 to 21 years. And even then they might not have fallen into their final form. So every day you need to keep in mind you’re working on a project that will take at least 18 years. But after that it will not stop, now it’s time to let them go and let them start their own life and begin a project like this for them self. I know it seems illogical to let something go that easily, especially considering the time and effort you’ve put into it, but the K.I.D. is really not meant to live with you endlessly.

I’m a big fan of the K.I.D. and I give it a 10/10 with pleasure.



FYI: for those who didn’t know already, I’m talking about babies/kids.

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