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That First Time Going To Preschool

Last Monday was a very exciting day for us, our little girl was going to start preschool! I honestly couldn’t believe it at first. On Monday morning, I was so nervous. She’s never been left with a stranger before and only a few times with a grandparent. So we really didn’t know what to expect. For all we know, it could be a total disaster and a lot of tears. And not just her, but also mommy and daddy.

At home she was really excited with her new backpack and seeing all the other children go to school when we stepped out the door. She was obviously looking forward to whatever she thought was going to happen. That made it even more stressful for me. What if she didn’t like it at all?

A new journey

She remembered our visit from two weeks earlier. She went straight into the class room and started playing with all the toys and the other children. For an only child and never having been to daycare, she’s always been quite social with other children. Although I must say, she doesn’t “get” bullying or aggressive behavior.

The first two weeks we can normally come inside the classroom with her to say goodbye, but this was not necessary for her at all. She didn’t even look back once she was in that class room.

So there we were, standing in the hallway. She just took off, there were no tears, she didn’t need to say goodbye. She immediately felt at home, but just in case, I gave her little comfort blanky to her teacher. I went to her and told her we would pick her up at noon and she looked at us slightly annoyed, going, “yea yea, sure, you can leave now”.

First day leaving her

So that first time leaving her there went great. I kept myself busy all morning so I would not miss her too much and stop myself from feeling too nervous on that first day.

When we got her from school at noon, she was glowing and of course she was happy to see us. But when we saw her glow, we knew this was a great day for her and this was what she needed. Yes! We made the right decision.

The most wonderful thing about having a little one that likes to talk is that she really tells us everything about school. That way, we know what she did. Even during the weekend she kept talking about school. It’s not that she says everything at once, it comes in bits and pieces, but over time, we get to know what she did that day. Although I have a feeling some of it is made up. Unless of course her teacher really did bring a monkey to school …

I’m so happy that she likes going to school and it was not a hard start for her. It can be a difficult moment for parents too, since it’s not easy to leave your child behind when it’s crying and screaming. So we feel so grateful we had an easy first day of school. In fact, the whole week went as smooth as that first day.


I’m a stay at home mom of a preschooler, now what!?

When I know she’s feeling great at school, I’m fine too. The first time I went grocery shopping after I dropped her off at school, I was driving in my car alone and started thinking, darn, I’m a mom of a preschooler, and then I thought, hey, I’m a stay at home mom of a preschooler ( with a little smile on my face). All that extra time I had on my hands to finally do everything without a rush or without constantly getting interrupted because she needs something.

So these mornings she goes to school are great for both of us. I can now to everything I want to do when she’s at school and in the afternoon, we take a nap (as you know from my previous blogs, I’m suffering from CFS) and then it’s mommy and me time.

After only one week of school, I feel less stressed already. Don’t get me wrong, I miss her at home and also being a smaller part of her life. But a toddler in the house can be so exhausting and sometimes frustrating. She really needed a new adventure and new challenges and she’s always glowing when I pick her up at school. She’s tired but happy.

So for us, a big YAY for school.

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