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The Real Cost Of Becoming A Parent

Yes, being a parent is the best job in the world, but also one of the hardest. It’s easy to become one, at least for most people, but this doesn’t mean it should be an easy decision.

Change for life

Consider before you start, it’s a decision that will change your life forever. It’s probably a good idea to really think things through and although for many people this is a given, it still seems a lot of people don’t. It’s not only for a few years, you’re responsible for that little human being for the rest of their life. It’s your job to make an awesome life for your kids and teach them well.

Of course it’s also a wonderful experience and I haven’t regretted it for even a single minute. But we didn’t decide to have a baby in a spur of a moment. I had real urges to get a child and yet we waited over a year before we started trying.

The cost of having a kid

Kids cost a lot of money, people who say they don’t are kidding themselves or just not looking into the future.

It’s not just the expense of baby products and clothes. When they’re getting older they going to want things their friends also have. Witch doesn’t mean they need to have everything, but you can’t keep them away from having new experiences and certainly not some of the more expensive stuff like computer, Smart phones, tablets and whatever else will be will be invented, are pretty much essential.

The next big expense on the list, college, is probably even worse. In some countries it can be really expensive, in others it can be bearable but it’s never really free though. They also need to learn how to drive and they’re probably going to want to have a car of their own at some point.

But there are other investments as well

Not all of the cost is financial and that, is where people often seem to miss the boat. Some of the sacrifices you will have to make will cost money directly, some indirectly. But, whatever it is, ask yourself these questions.

  • Can I put my own life aside to give my kid the attention he needs? If you have an irregular life, that absolutely requires your commitment, having children might be quite a challenge
  • Do I have enough money to do the first couple of investments? You’ve probably thought of this already, and if you are looking at baby clothing the same way I did before I even got pregnant, odds are you understand the cost here pretty well.
  • What do I expect to earn in the future, so I can send my kid to college? Suddenly, everyone needs a crystal ball, but having a plan is probably just as good.
  • Do I have it in me to be responsible for another person? Sometimes you can’t believe you’re an actual parent and someone depends on you with their entire life on the line. But, that’s exactly the case when you decide to have children.
  • Do I have it in me to raise an independent successful human being? You’ll be setting an example. If you’re not happy with yourself right now, maybe work on that first. You don’t want to doubt your actions every step of the way.
  • Can I criticize myself? This is actually a very important one. You might start thinking you’re going to be the best parent in the world and not going to make the mistakes you see other people make. But yes, you will make mistakes, everyone does. But it’s important you can see them and learn from them.

These are the most important points to ask yourself if you’re doubting if you’re ready to be a parent.

Sometimes people think it will be easy and it’s not going to change anything. That’s just setting yourself up for disaster since it will not only change how you have to live your life, but it will also change you as a person.

I think that’s the biggest cost of becoming a parent. You’ll lose yourself.

That might sound tough and get you worried. But there’s nothing to worry about. After all, you’ll get a new self and an awesome life in exchange.

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