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Co-Sleeping Or Not?

I actually never heard about this one before we had our daughter. I know this is a difficult subject, you have people who swear by it and people who are against it. I think this is almost something like breastfeeding. Of course you need to do what feels good for you.

We never did co-sleeping, never even tried it. For the first five months our little girl slept in our room in her own bed. After that, we put her in her own room.

I often think a big part of the motivation behind people who do co-sleeping find it easier to get through the night time feedings. This probably helps a lot, especially when you breastfeed. And of course I can totally understand feeling safer having your baby close to you.

That said, we wouldn’t have felt comfortable with her in our bed. In fact I think I wouldn’t have slept at all. I’d probably feel scared of rolling over her in my sleep. Add to that the fact that we bottle fed her so we would have had to get out of bed anyway.

How we felt safe

But we knew she was safe in her own little bed, we bought a baby monitor with sensor pads that monitor the heart rate. As soon as something was going on, the alarm would go off and wake us up. We actually used these pads until she was 2 years old and she moved to her toddler bed. In addition to that, we also have a baby monitor with a camera. This gives a pretty safe feeling to. Now she’s two and a half and I still use the camera.


The next time

I said she slept in our room until she was five months old, but I’m guessing that if we had another one, I probably wouldn’t do that again. From night one, he / she would sleep in her own room. We’d use the same system we used for our daughter.

Here’s the thing: We barely slept when she was in the room. We woke up with the slightest movement little cough and even when there was nothing going on at all. As soon as she moved to her own room, we slept like babies ourselves.

So for us Co-sleeping definitely is a big no. But we certainly get why people would do it and I think it can be an awesome experience when you feel safe doing it.  So bottom line, don’t let society decide for you, do what feels right for your family.

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  1. I’m not that big a fan of co-sleeping. According to studies, it can be dangerous for your baby. So if I ever have kids I’m going to put it in his/her own bed.

  2. We actually felt quite safe sleeping with our son in the same bed. We had him with us until he was 1 year old, then we decided the time was right to put him in his own bed, but we still kept him in our room until he was about two years old, I think. First we started to put him in his own room in his travel bed, for naps only, when this was going good he also started sleeping there at nights, and we switched his bed from our room to his room.

  3. We tried co sleeping for a while, we really wanted to do it. But we couldn’t sleep at all with her in our bed, We where constantly afraid we would roll on her. So after a few nights we decided to put her in her own bed. So for us it was decided. For our second one we didn’t even try to put him in our bed.

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