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Being The Wife Of An Entrepreneur

Our Entrepreneurial journey began a bit more than 3 years ago. My husband always knew he didn’t want to keep working for someone else, even before he started his job he knew it was not going to last.

So after 3 years of working for a big firm, he had had it and he decided to start his own company with two co-partners. After a few moths things looked pretty good, they had a few leads and a contract ready to get signed. Things were looking awesome, so we decided together that he had to quit his job to put all his energy in the company. Not just that, but since I was about to lose my disability because the country decided CFS was no longer an illness they should care about, hard times were coming. At his current job, we would’ve barely been able to make ends meet.

I have to be honest, we had a nice amount of money put aside, it was a gift from my grandparents from when we got married, so we had a backup.

Of course the leads we thought we had never came through and the contract was dropped as well. After that, it was one thing after the other. Someone showed interest, but it fell through. Over, and over, and over. Starting a business didn’t seem as easy as we first thought would be. Sure, you expect things to be difficult, but still.

But we were not giving up, we had some money so we could live, ok we had to cut back on a lot of things, but this was a price we were willing to pay for starting a company.

Light at the end of the tunnel

2 years pass and there were sales but not a lot, just enough to pay back the money we put in the company. The three partners decided to each go their own way and my husband started his current company with a new partner. And now, things are finally going in the good direction. We finally can get a decent paycheck out of the business.

We can do stuff again and can really enjoy live. We often joke about how awesome our lives have suddenly become. We’re not quite were we want to be, so we keep going, but we’re glad we kept going in the past, even when it was not easy. Not easy, is an understatement.

Positive attitude

I have to say it was a difficult path to take, with a lot of downs and although the first company failed, we learned a lot from it. We see the investment we made as some sort of education, cause really, that’s what it was. We literally hustled our way to success.

It’s not easy living the life of an entrepreneur and also not being the wife of one. You stand on the side lines, you can’t do much. All you can do, is watch and provide support.

But it is a journey you have to take together, if both spouses aren’t in it for real it’s never going to last.  And you would think after all the things we’ve been through, I would feel like holding back on starting a business, but it’s quite the opposite, I actually started a business with my husband. Once you understand how to do it, It’s not all that difficult, but you really have to learn from your mistakes. And while my husband was starting the business, I got to learn right alongside him. We’d talk to each other about it every day.

It’s those lessons that inspired me. Learning about all the tactics you can use to make money, sell, and let’s not forget, to enjoy it at the same time. So, being the wife of an entrepreneur made me a mompreneur and I’m loving it.

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