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Birthday Fun Fun Fun!!!!

It’s almost that time of year again, my sweet little girl is getting a year older. I can’t believe she’s already three, GOODNESS! time flies.

When it comes to our own birthdays we don’t really spend any time on it, for us it’s a day like every other day, but when it comes to our little girl, I go all crazy.


I started preparing a few months ago – yes, months. Setting the date, doing a photoshoot for the invitations and making them, choosing a theme for her party. In retrospect, I probably spent a crazy amount of time choosing the perfect theme before I decided. But, it just had to be awesome. My husband of course went crazy over the amount of time I spent researching everything, especially since it was still few months down the line.

Now it’s getting closer the big date so I just finished making my list of appetizers and drinks. I enjoy giving people a little more than just a slice of cake. It’s a party after all…

Making a birthday cake

And for the occasion, I learned to work with sugar paste, to make her a paw patrol themed birthday cake, she’s crazy about those little pups. She eventually chose the paw patrol girl theme for her party.

I thought It would be very difficult to work with sugar paste, but It’s actually quite easy if you don’t do the 3D stuff and when you have the proper tools.

And now , after a bit of practice, I think I’m ready to make her an awesome birthday cake!

(one of my practice cake’s)

My creative moment😊

I also started making flowers out of crepe paper to decorate the party table, it’s really fun to make them. Here’s the crazy part: I never thought I was this creative, but with the right guidance, I’m amazed at myself.

And the best part is, for my little girl I actually enjoying doing it.

We’ll spend her birthday weekend just among the three of us, a real family weekend. She gets her two parties the weekend after her birthday, a party weekend if you will.

So I still have a week to prepare ….

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