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The Parenting Hell That’s Called Potty Training

Hi everyone, first of all, it’s been quite a while since my last blogpost, so sorry for that one. It’s been super hectic with school, germs, allergies and all that nice stuff, but now it’s summer vacation for my little girl so time to relax and have some fun without being sick (hopefully). But even though it’s been a while since the last post, we didn’t sit still. We worked on an online shop that’s connected on the blog. I will say more about that one in another post.

Now that you’re up to date about the past few months I can start talking about my newest blog post, I wanted to write this one for a while, because it finally happened, she’s potty trained, YAY, big hooray for my girl and me of course  (she said, not so modest).

It’s been quite an adventure and lots of frustration on my side, but looking  on it now it was so simple, she just wasn’t ready before.

Start of the potty training adventure

Our potty training adventure first started in June 2016, I introduced her to the potty before this date but we were not concentrating on it. We just let her get used to sitting on it. For a long time she didn’t have any interest at all. She sat on it when we put her on it but not by herself. She never let us know she needed to go. She was just too comfortable in her diapers and had zero interest in the potty.

We tried off and on for the following months but without success. Then the following November, when she was 2,5 years old she started school (In Belgium they start at this early age), she was ready for a new challenge, but unfortunately going to the potty was not one of them.

Holiday potty training time

When she had her first school vacation, around Christmas, we tried again, we tried with a quite intensive schedule for two weeks. This time without diapers, also no training diapers. Just pants and underpants. But usually, she just went where she was standing. But we were pretty sure it was not a bladder control problem because she could hold it for a long time or when we did put her on the potty sometimes she did a little pee and sometimes a big one so that really showed she could control it. If we took control and put her on the potty on time she was dry. But the moment we have her some freedom and let her decide when it was the right time, it went all wrong. Physically she was ready but not mentally, she just didn’t care about it.

So back to school again with diapers, luckily they didn’t mind. But for me it felt like a big failure.

In march I talked with her teacher about her interest in going to the toilet at school. At home I started to see some changes, she asked more about the potty or she just went by herself.  And apparently at school she was showing some interest too.

Seeing the end of the potty training tunnel

In April she again had a two week vacation and we were determined to go for it, all the signals were there, she was ready for it.

Day one was not that successful though, but at this point I’d really had it with the diapers. So I made a decision, off with those pants and underpants. She  just ran around without any bottoms. And you know what, that was the push she needed, no chance of doing it somewhere else then in the potty. I’m still glad I made that decision. From that day it’s started to go really well. We only had two little accidents, one little pee and one little poo on the floor, and both times she was so shocked about this happening that she never did it again. After two days she asked for underwear. I was not sure it was the right time yet but gave her the benefit of a doubt and yes she was keeping it dry.  A day later I took her to go grocery shopping, without any accidents. I always made sure I took the carry potty with me so she could go whenever she needed and had some spare clothes with me just in case.

But from that day on she’s only had a few little accidents. And what’s more surprising, she was also dry at night all of a sudden. It was such a big relief, she was finally on track with potty training, and this just two weeks before she would become 3 years. She was not an early one but she did it and I’m so proud of her.

Keeping it dry

After three weeks dry at night we also let her sleep without a diaper. And at school she only had one accident over last few months of school and this was when they were at an indoor playground as a school excursion.

I still keep the carry potty in my car and it’s still super handy for when we go out on longer trips. At home she still uses the potty but lately she also started to use the big toilet.

It was a long year, potty training wise. Now the adventure is finally over, my big conclusion of all this, when they are not ready mentally or fiscally or whatsoever, you can try as hard as you want. It will not work. Every child has its own rhythm and you can’t force it.

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